Tensile Shades


Our TENSILE SHADE structures are often used as a roof as they are attractive, maintain great natural light, economical and can span large distances. Tension membrane structures transmit more light than traditional structures, reducing and sometimes eliminating the need for artificial lighting during the day.

Their design is modern and sleek, with minimal steel work, and there is virtually no limit to the kinds of complex shapes and forms you can create. This is great for hotels, restaurants, clubs and pubs.

Our CAR PARKING SHADES solutions are found in commercial shopping centres from single bay shade structures to solutions for mass coverage, you can count on us to deliver a quality shade solution that offers excellent longevity. Our car park shade structures are a cost-affordable choice as compared to permanent shade structures.

Regardless of how large, small or irregularly your commercial car park may be, Smart Roof Shades can manufacture a shade solution

to meet your needs and requirements. We create flexible and lightweight car park shade structures, regardless of size or complexity. If you’re looking for sun or rain protection for your outdoor area, a custom-made SAIL SHADES is a great choice. Shade sails not only look stylish, but they also offer functional weather protection, including a range of shade cloth and waterproof PVC fabrics to choose from. With a design flexibility that can span large distances and suit many different configurations, Sail Shading is a great way to enhance outer space in your home or commercial property.