Glass Systems



Our Glass systems can be beautiful and functional both for residential patios, and also for restaurants and cafes. We offer many models of glass walls from traditional to modern, and retractable and fixed. We are proud to offer the line of Guillotine glass walls systems. Outdoor furnishing, an inviting patio area is the key to your business image, drawing customers and enticing them to enter.

Our glass walls allow you to use your outdoor spaces four season or all year round, creating prestigious areas which project the image of your premises outdoors. With these outdoor areas you can increase seating capacity and thus turnover. Our Glass wall systems can be used as standalone to create a defined outdoor seating area, and function as a wind break barrier for the comfort of your patrons. They can also be used in combination with one of our Pergolas, Awnings or fixed frame canopies.

The modules are available in standard sizes as well as custom made sizes at an extra cost. Combine multiple units together to create a larger glass wall system.
Our glass walls are a great addition to our popular Retractable pergolas and can be custom made to fit specific areas. They can be added later after the main awning structure is installed.