Bioclimatic Pergolas

Bioclimatic Pergola
Bioclimatic Pergola


Our bioclimatic retractable and adjustable Louvered motorized pergola structures are perfect for commercial restaurants, hospitality, hotel, patio and deck spaces. They provide you with an alternative unique level of control over nature, combining style and function to create and enhance your outdoor living space. With a touch of the remote button, the louvers can be positioned anywhere within their 120-degree range of motion for the exact amount of protection or ventilation desired. For rain protection, close the louvers and the rain will be diverted through the integrated gutter system and posts.

Once the rain ends, the louvers move at your complete command to allow for more shade or sunshine. Our Bioclimatic model also offers the additional convenience of fully being able to retract the louvers for an open to sky living experience. These Bioclimatic adjustable Louvered systems are custom made to fit virtually any space and represent the latest in innovation, performance and technology. Our Louvered roof is ideal for any outdoor seating and eating areas such a deck, patio or courtyards.

We offer full line of motorized adjustable roof structures from Turkey. These metals structures are ideal for all commercial spaces and can be fully customized to fit the space. The built-in gutter and posts serve as water management and downspouts.
The adjustable louvered Roof Pergola structures are ideally suited for restaurants, hotels, and hospitality spaces.