Motorized Pergola: Specifications, Benefits & Prices

Motorized Pergola Dubai

An upright, roofless structure is a pergola. Pergolas were initially created for deciduous climbing vines. In the summer, the vines provided shade, while in the winter, they let the sun beam through. Some pergolas have only recently started to be sold with roofs. There are now numerous roof options available. Motorized Pergola nowadays is getting immense popularity because of its easy-to-use fully automated features, weather sensors, and economically friendly nature. Motorized Pergola comes with modern architectural designs which you can install anywhere to enhance your living experience.


Why You Should Choose Motorized Pergola in Dubai?


The motorized system uses built-in sensors to adjust the position of the slats on our pergola in accordance with the weather. Our pergola is shielded from snow, severe winds, and ice. The interior living space can be extended to a patio or deck with a motorized pergola and a louvred roof. With the touch of a button, anyone can adjust the amount of shade and sun by rotating the roof’s louvres up to 120 degrees.

Anyone can use a space all year long if we add a polycarbonate roof, some privacy screens, or outdoor blinds. One may have the ideal outside space with today’s pergola designs, whether we want it for outdoor relaxation, dining, or a barbecue.

Motorized Pergola Dubai

Benefits –


One of the most popular roofing materials is made of clear or tinted polycarbonate sheets, which let sunlight through while offering protection from rain and the majority of UVB radiation from the sun. Motorized pergola systems have louvres that can be opened or closed, allowing you to let the sun in when you want it and keep the rain out when you do.
For shade in the backyard, whether we are entertaining guests or just lounging, a motorized pergola is the ideal choice. In accordance with the weather and your preferences, adjust the natural light to exactly what you want. Even screens can be added to the sides to keep out insects. Make our backyard the envy of the neighbourhood by adding a fire pit and solar-powered string lights.

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Pricing –


Depending on the style we choose, the cost of building and constructing a pergola will depend on its size and complexity. Pergolas with motors can cost significantly more than patio covers made of wood or aluminium.

Cost factors for louvred patios are numerous. For instance, raw extruded aluminium might be purchased in the abroad. It takes labour and equipment to take this raw aluminium and transform it into a useful product. Naturally, the raw material needs to be protected after it has been machined. These Louvered roof systems frequently use powder coating as an alternative to paint. The manufacturer has the biggest impact on the price of the motorized pergola, followed by size, motorized roof options, and installation costs.

Motorized Pergola Dubai

Modifications in accordance –


We might want to modify your pergola if we want anything special. The pricing will vary according to how intricate the style is. For instance, a curved roof will be more expensive than flat roofing since the contractor must construct or buy the curved beams.

Some pergolas are artistic creations. They may have angled or curved roofs as well as curved uprights. This type of pergola will cost significantly more than a typical pergola, but it can serve as the focal point of your landscaping project. Any place may look wonderful with a simple pergola that has some detailing. If we desire a typical pergola, using rafters placed closer together can offer summertime shade. If money is short, it may be possible to put the pergola structure directly on the ground without than providing any kind of flooring underneath. The chosen floor can then be added to improve it later.

If you are looking for a pergola that will last for many years and that will enhance the look of your home, a retractable or bioclimatic motorized pergola is a perfect choice. Contact Smart Roof Shade Systems to get a detailed solution about designing your living space with Motorized Pergola.